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Why Velocity?

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Establish your business as a financial professional and pursue success with the strength and support from Velocity Advisors and our broker-dealer  Cetera Advisors LLC. This is a career where you can really make a difference in the lives of your clients and your own family, while also offering a great lifestyle.

Velocity Advisors serves and empowers skilled financial professionals to assist their clients. We provide our professionals with tools, training and resources to meet their career goals.

Other benefits of joining Velocity include:

  • Comprehensive portfolio of financial products and services
  • Excellent compensation schedules
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses and incentives
  • Awards and other forms of recognition
  • Generous benefits package: health, life, disability,
  • Opportunity to work with a mentor
  • Ongoing training
  • Extensive marketing materials
  • Advanced marketing firm practices and processes
  • Personalized marketing plans
  • Advanced on-site technology
  • Paid offices expenses
  • First-class office environment
  • Experienced professions in the business, government employee and pension markets
  • Access to leading specialists
  • Advanced planning and case design
  • Wealth Building Cornerstone selling system
  • NaviPlan Software

See if a career at Velocity Advisors is the right opportunity for you, either now or in the future. Please contact Andrew McDonnell at or (440) 261-4200.