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A Different Approach

Velocity Advisors employs a personal macroeconomic approach when addressing our clients’ financial planning goals. Our process is different from the traditional linear approach that focuses on “needs.” One potential limitation with needs-based approach is that when a goal or need is met, it often changes. Plus, we don’t know what things will cost us in the future. Things change outside of our control.

Our process gives you a personalized road map that helps balance financial growth and risk. By focusing on the flow of money within your macroeconomic life, we can tactically align growth potential and risk reduction—all the while focusing on your financial goals for the future.

Our orientation meeting together entails a conversation focused on your current situation. Together, we will discuss your near and long term plans and goals, from a personal as well as financial perspective. We review and discuss the process we use to create a plan unique to your lifestyle, along with an overview of Velocity’s organization and the backgrounds of our financial professionals.

Creating a comprehensive financial plan lets you and the financial professional fully analyze the many different options that you must consider before making your final decisions. The key to a successful plan is for you to have an opportunity to study the impact, both short and long term, of the decisions that you are considering. This initial conversation is the first step toward your financial future. It is followed by:

  • Gathering financial data
  • Development of a personal financial road map
  • Orientation to the fundamentals of investing and importance of risk management
  • Development of a recommended customized strategy
  • Ongoing portfolio management and local service

Contact us to learn more about our approach and get started on a path, that you can see and trust, for you and your family’s future.