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Our Philosophy

What We Believe

We believe that five cornerstones of a successful working relationship helps us bring the best value to our financial advisors:

  • Time Utilization- We believe that the advisors’ time is best utilized in client contact and client acquisition. We understand administrative challenges can reduce time spent on these revenue-producing activities and believe this challenge should be shouldered by the firm. We therefore surround our advisors with a complete and professional staff of support personnel who handle the administrative tasks needed to efficiently run a practice.
  • Assistance- We believe that our industry has historically focused its time and resources on the establishment of in-house resources. However, these resources are directly or indirectly charged to the advisors, regardless of usage. We believe that an advisor should have access to an assistant who works on a daily basis to improve the productivity of an advisor—as well as a network of specialists who can be engaged when needed, from among the best resources in the marketplace.
  • Education- We believe that the success of an advisor is directly tied to the knowledge that they possess and can share with a client. We believe every advisor is an educator and have surrounded them with a wealth of information and a unique training platform designed for individualized needs and not the needs of a group.
  • Competitive Product Selection- We believe every advisor is also a business owner; we are not naive that product selection matters. We have a competitive and flexible compensation structure that allows the firm and advisor to work together to enhance an advisors’ practice. We also believe that an advisor should be able to deliver a lineup of products that support a solution to the client’s goal, not the needs of the firm.
  • Client Outreach- We believe that building your client base occurs in two ways. The growth of new clients and the expansion of existing clients. We support this via both marketing programs and a client outreach department that calls on behalf of the advisor, takes care of minor changes and keeps the advisor top of mind.